Crédit immobilier why use a broker

Getting a home loan is undoubtedly easier than it was yesterday with the many loan offers offered by banks, yet the procedures are so complicated and cumbersome that one could easily get lost. The intervention of a broker is therefore not insignificant, it is even the ideal guarantor to find a good real estate credit. The interest is obvious and one cannot deny that the broker participates fully in the success of the real estate project.

“A simplification of the steps to follow”

No need to go around the banks or compare offers online to find the best interest rate. No more waiting endlessly for an appointment with the bank. With a real estate broker, you are freed from many constraints in the preparation of loan files. He will personally take care of putting together the files and guarantees you a good credit. By benefiting from a relationship with the bank’s decision-making bodies, the broker will only need a simple phone call or a maximum of 10 days to subscribe to the loan offer.

“Finding the best real estate credit rate”

With the help of a professional, you are sure to get very interesting loan conditions with a more competitive rate compared to the general public. He or she has a good knowledge of credit negotiation and his or her relations with the central banks allow you to obtain a rate that is much lower than normal except for preferential rates for businesses.

“Assured savings”

Contrary to popular belief, the intervention of a real estate broker will not cost you more than if you intervene directly in the real estate loan transaction. Moreover, his remuneration is conditioned solely on the success of his work. This means that you only pay if you obtain a mortgage and he can in no way claim compensation or damages if you decide not to follow up on his proposals. His fees vary from 1 to 2% of the total amount of the real estate loan.

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