Talk frankly about finances with your wife

Now that you’re married to the woman of your life, you’re the leader of it, you know that. But even if you are the only one bringing money home, don’t think that gives you the right to behave like a despot. Are you convinced that she doesn’t have to know how much you earn and that you are free to dispose of your money as you see fit?

Cooperate with her!

This way of looking at things, in this case money, does not contribute to your marital peace. Your wife is your half and not your employee, you must trust her. This means that you have to discuss finances with her. As in other areas of your life together, you have a duty to share everything with her. Show her your pay slip, discuss together the expenses you will have and make a decision together not to go over these thresholds and, above all, not to go into debt.

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